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You could spend thousands of dollars having someone make you a logo. Or you could use our free logo maker and make it yourself for free! We wanted to produce a simple free logo maker which although easy to use, contained all the powerful features necessary to produce a great logo. So that's what we have done! You don't need any expensive software to use our free logo maker; it's so easy to use that anyone can make a great logo or image in seconds.

You can use our design system as a band logo maker to make a great free logo for your band! And we'd also class it as a cool logo maker, because it's a pretty cool system! You can add text, clipart, your own images, draw shapes and do much, much more. It's so simple to use that'll you'll wonder how you ever made a free logo without it! Don't spend thousands of dollars on a logo design agency or expensive PC and Mac software; simply use our cool logo maker and design your own awesome logo in just seconds! You can use for logo for virtually anything, such as on personalised hoodies.

So what next? Simply go to the free logo maker homepage and start designing your logo now. There's no sign up required and you can create as many logos as you like! Once complete, you can download a high res jpeg image of your logo - it's not watermarked and you are free to use your logo as you please. So what are you waiting for? Go use our free logo maker now!